Après 40 ans de fermeture, réouverture du trafic entre Kolwezi et Lobito en Angola

Trafigura to Reopen Congo-Angola Trade Route Shut for 40 Years

Commodities trading house delivers 800 metric tons of copper blister by rail from Kolwezi in Democratic
Republic of Congo to Lobito in Angola, Trafigura says in emailed statement.
* Train traveled 1,800 kilometers along Lobito corridor from Congo to Angola’s Atlantic coast, marking first shipment of copper to use the route in 40 years
* Management committee member Julien Rolland, head of coal and
iron ore trading, says Trafigura intends to play a key role in re-establishing the route
* Reopened Lobito corridor would reduce travel time, with copper from Congo currently taking 2 weeks or more to be shipped east via Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, or Beira in Mozambique, or south
via Durban in South Africa

                                                                                                    La PresseduCongo/BN

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