Congo Artisanal Cobalt Output Dropped 60% Last Year: Darton

The volume of cobalt from so-called artisanal and small-scale mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo dropped about 60% last year after prices for the battery metal plunged, according to trading house Darton Commodities.
* Volumes from the sector fell below 8,000 tons, according to an
annual market report from Darton

** That’s about 8% of the Congo’s mined output
* Decreased demand for artisanal ore and a drop in prices led to
an 80% drop in earnings for artisanal miners between March 2018
and August 2019, according to a report from the OECD cited by
* Volumes could increase in a better pricing environment in
2020: Darton

Other key figures:
* Global refined cobalt output rose 9% to 126,810 tons
* Demand increased 5.8% to 122,600 tons
* Production seen growing 7% this year, while demand rises 7.8%

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